"Not every difficult and dangerous thing is suitable for training,... "

"...but only that which is conducive to success in achieving the object of our effort." Epictetus
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If your company has innovation objectives... consider putting effort into innovation training.
We often request... or require... for people to "innovate" or to bring the next great "innovation."  Even to be more innovative.
But has the message that...
Innovation is an individual responsibility...
Innovative thinking is a skill...
Innovative thinking is a skill that can be learned....
been communicated broadly enough and with enough emphasis that people are taking the responsibility to learn how?
Have you heard - or even thought or said yourself - that not everyone is innovative?
Innovation has been descibed as many things.  Sustainable.  Open.  Disruptive.  Breakthrough.  Etc. 
All relevant. 
Still, with all of the attempts to make the definition of innovation tie to business performance...  we must remember that innovation is a verb.  It is a process.  And it can be leveraged.
It's not magic and it's not outside your reach. Innovation is a process and it has to do with the way we think. It's about discovery, perception, and action, and it's about people.

It is about you.

And so are we.  The SDG Group focuses on transferring the basic skills necessary in order for an individual to become more innovative.  In order for corporations, whether they are small or large businesses, local or global, to drive cultures of innovations they have to take deliberate actions to cultivate innovative thinking in their firms and in their employees.
If you want to develop innovation as a competency, if you want to engage more of the value and imagination that all  of your employees can bring, if you want to have an answer to the question "How?" when someone tells you to be more innovative...
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